About Us

Who even are Melonz anyway?

Hey! We’re a team of about 13 passionate people who are developing computer software, websites, and video games.
Here are some things we are currently developing:


Vestlus is made to be the best social media platform out there… or something close to that.
Basically, it’ll have elements of Twitter, Discord and other things to provide the ultimate experience.

You can follow Vestlus on Twitter.


Melonian is the jack-of-all-trades Discord bot to serve any purpose.
From fun commands to joke around with, to serious moderation, Melonian is the perfect mix of what a Discord bot should be.

Add Melonian to your server today at melonian.xyz.


WeebHole is a weeb’s dream news source.
Ran by weebs for weebs, we keep you up-to-date on everything to do with Japan.

*Visit WeebHole today at weebhole.com.


Prosecutionovel is a crime thriller visual novel that’s coming soon enough.

The Matrix Glitch

The Matrix Glitch, or TMG, is an RPG where you explore a big world to stop your arch-nemesis from ruining the world.
After all, when your world runs on one mainframe, it is a bit easy to control…

…and there you are.

Thanks for reading! You may use our social links below to follow us on many platforms, including Twitter, Discord and Twitch.