Michael Webb

Michael is the leader of Melonz, overseeing all projects and other operations.



SonicHack assists Michael with his overseeing tasks.


Eli (akuma67)

Eli is an executive for Melonz, and helps out with Vestlus.



Tom is the official Melonz fish, offering his fair share of complaints and criticisms. He also made this site.


Haden Fletcher

Haden is our PR man. What that means is he’s the one who makes the tweets on our accounts.


Daniel Wilkinson

Daniel is an executive who helps with some stuff occasionally.



Jade helps us write articles for WeebHole, and helps develop The Matrix Glitch.


Leo Nesfield

Leo helps out with Vestlus and other web stuff.


Andre S.

Andre helps out with the management of the Melonz servers.



Sorarin makes digital art and is our Japanese translator.


Renn Datravern

Renn creates music and sounds for the various Melonz products.


Ian Williams

Ian is our pixel artist, and occasionally helps with other stuff.



thejsa helps with development using PHP (which Vestlus is made in).



Samuel produces videos for the Melonz YouTube channel.