Introducing MelonzClient

Posted on September 17, 2016 by TheRandomMelon

Let us introduce…

.. the Soon™ way to use everything Melonz, all in one application.

W-wait a second, what’s this?

MelonzClient, once it’s complete of course, will be the most efficent and easiest way to download all games and apps Melonz. (Third-party apps and games will most likely be on MelonzClient if requested by their respective developer[s].)

Screenshots (w/ descriptions)

MelonzClient Pre-Alpha Login Screen

This is what you’re greeted with when you start MelonzClient as of the 17th September 2016. We’re using a library called LollipopUI – The best way for a startup like us to get a beautiful theme easily and without cost.

The title bar has been modified by us to fit the theme a lot nicer. (We will most likely update the window icon in the future.)

The lighter-colo(u)red bar right under it tells you about the tab/window you’re currently looking at.

Below that, is of course, the login screen. Yes, the password box censors the password typed in (The usual password censors you see everywhere, those thick circles, yeah those ones.)

The first two buttons are self-explanatory. The third one is for development builds only. Since our site is being redone at the time of writing this, we’ll use it to show you the rest.

MelonzClient Pre-Alpha Library "No Games" section

Once you’ve signed in, you are greeted again with your list of games/your game library. Since this is a local account (made for testing) and there are no games available at the moment, MelonzClient will inform you that you have no games.

Clicking “Get a game in the Melonz Store” will do this:

MelonzClient Pre-Alpha Melonz Store not implemented error

(It isn’t implemented yet.)

Clicking “Redeem a MelonzClient license key” will do this:

MelonzClient Pre-Alpha no license key activation implemented yet error

(It isn’t implemented either… yet.)

Clicking “Melonz Store” does the same thing as clicking “Get a game in the Melonz Store”, however clicking “Settings” will say this:

MelonzClient Pre-Alpha Settings tab

This is almost the same as clicking “Melonz Store”, however it says “the Settings tab” in the bottom label instead of “the Melonz Store”.

The minimize and close buttons are both fully operational.

That’s all we have for today! We hope you like our new announcement, and stay tuned for more, here on this blog, and on our Twitter (@MelonzDev).